Roofs Have Come So Far

Roofs Have Come So Far

Emergency Flat Roof Repair: What To Do When Disaster Strikes

Flat roofs are known for their unique design and cost-effective benefits. However, they can also be susceptible to damage from severe weather, water pooling, or other unforeseen circumstances. When a flat roof emergency occurs, it's essential to act quickly to minimize damage and protect your property. Following are some common flat roof problems: Leaks and Water Dama

What Is New In Roofing Choices

If it's time to redo your roof, you might want to rethink the traditional asphalt shingle choice. Consider, instead, a new choice from those listed below.  Concrete Tiles  If you love the look of terracotta tiled roofs, the same look can be had for much less by using concrete tiles. This type of roofing is known for its durability and versatility. Not only c

Red Flags During Roof Inspection

A regular roof inspection is a necessary part of roof maintenance. The inspection can reveal problematic parts of the roof so you can repair them before the damage expands. Below are some signs that indicate potential roof problems. Discoloration Roofing materials lose their original color over time. Exposure to weather elements, such as precipitation and rainfall, co

5 Times When You Should Call The Roofer

You know you should have the roofer out when you find rainwater coming into your home from a roof leak. However, you may not be aware of all the other reasons why it would be a good idea to have the roofer out. Here are 5 reasons to have a roofer come out that you may not realize:  1: Regular inspections You should be having the roofer come look at your roof to i

The Pros And Cons Of Synthetic Wood Shingles

Cedar shakes are some of the most beautiful roofing materials available. They add a beautiful and timeless aesthetic to any home. Unfortunately, they are also one of the more expensive roofing materials available. Is there an option for your residential roofing replacement that is as beautiful as cedar shakes without the price tag? Yes! Synthetic wood shingles are an