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Why Metal Roofs Sometimes Expand And Contract

Metal roofs are more likely to expand and contract compared with other materials. Because metal is a good heat conductor, it absorbs heat from the sun and becomes hot. If the temperature plunges quickly, this can cause the metal roof to contract and warp. A warped metal panel might become damaged and more likely to develop problems for your home.

Problems That Arise with Metal Roofs

One of the problems you might face is that different components of your roof might become damaged due to warping. For example, a warping metal roof can damage your drip edge, flashings, gutter brackets, and downspout. The expansion of the roof can lead to leaks forming and can cause your roof to become more damaged. You will need to repair or replace the metal panels when this happens. 

How to Avoid Problems When Your Roof Contracts

Fortunately, you can stop the issue of roof expansion and contraction by using expansion joints. Then, your roof can expand and contract without causing further damage to it. Expansion joints are typically made from materials such as rubber or polymer designed for outdoor use in extreme temperatures. The material allows the joints to move with minimal friction while providing a solid hold on two surfaces. 

If you install it on a solid and level surface, your roof will be less likely to have problems with expansion and contraction. The roof will need to be fastened to the surface correctly. It should also be designed in a manner that will be able to handle heavy loads. 

Why You Must Protect Your Metal Roof

It's crucial to ensure that your metal roof remains in good condition because it is one of the essential parts of your home. It protects everything beneath natural elements such as rain, snow, sunshine, and hail. Therefore, it's necessary to ensure that a roofer installs your metal roof correctly.

This includes ensuring all edges are sealed appropriately for water to run off the surface easily rather than pooling up against it. Furthermore, it would be best to have adequate ventilation beneath the roof so as not to cause any damage due to condensation or humidity build-up.

Fortunately, a professional roofing service will be able to help you design your metal roof in such a way that allows it to avoid warping due to changes in the temperature of your roof. They will also be able to make repairs whenever issues arise.