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Talking To Your Window Contractor About When Planning Energy Upgrades

There are different types of energy upgrades that you may want to invest in for your windows. These don't always have to be replacement windows, and you can also do repairs and improvements that help to save energy. You may also be considering completely replacing windows for a major home renovation project. The following information can be used to discuss these improvements with your window contractor.

Repairing Windows and Replacing Glass

The old windows that you are considering improvements for may just need a few repairs. Instead of replacing or installing new windows, you may want to repair the windows and replace the glass. When you are replacing glass, there are several options, including:

The repairs and glass replacement can be a good investment if you like your existing windows. It may also be a good solution to preserve design elements when restoring older architecture.

Using Replacement Window Units for Improvements

The most common types of window improvements are replacement windows. These are specially designed units that are installed inside the existing frame after the sashes have been removed. The replacement units can be used in certain circumstances, including:

The replacement units may not always be the best solution. Therefore, you may want to ask about some of the alternatives that are available to improve your windows.

Installing New Windows and Doors for Renovations

In addition to replacements, there are also options for other new window installation. Even though it may seem like the same thing, there is a difference. With new window installations, the old frame has to be completely removed from the opening. This gives you more options for the type of windows you have installed. You may also want to install new windows if you want to change the windows' sizes or make other changes.

Insulation, Glass Films, and Other Window Improvements

The insulation of your windows and doors is also important. Therefore, some of the improvements you may want to have done include adding insulation around the casings. This can also include testing the openings for air leaks and making sure all the openings are well-sealed. You may want to consider improvements like having window films installed to improve the old glass.

The window improvements you invest in for your home can be a great way to improve your home's efficiency. If you are ready to improve efficiency with these improvements, contact a window contractor to discuss the options.