Roofs Have Come So Far

Roofs Have Come So Far

When to Consider Roof Repair for Your Home

There are some signs that the roof repair job on your home may be showing it's age. If you have not replaced the roof in more than twenty years, it is may be time to consider having some repairs or potentially replacing the roof. Roofing Materials  The majority of residential roofing in this country is made up of asphalt shingles. While every manufacturer has a d

Tips For Smart Homeowner Roof Care And Repair

The roof on your home is an important part of your home's design and construction. You don't want to ever take it for granted and ignore this important part of your home, especially when it is so high up and out of your natural line of sight. However, keeping an eye on your roof and handling maintenance issues and signs of damage as soon as they emerge is a great way

Three Reasons For Roof Valley Leaks

A common location for a roof leak is in the valleys, or low areas, of your roof. A shingle roof is designed so that water flowing into the valleys is quickly shed, but there are three issues that can compromise this design. 1. Debris Blockages The valleys of your roof tend to collect all sorts of debris. The more valleys in the design, the more likely it is that there

What Drives The Price Of A Restidential Roofing Job?

The cost of a residential roofing project can land in a wide range, going anywhere from $300 for a small repair job on an asphalt roof to more than $20,000 for extensive installation or replacement work involving high-end materials. What drives those prices? Here are 5 issues a residential roofing contractor will look at when calculating the price of a job. Project Ty

Has The Time Come To Finally Replace Your Roof?

Do you have roof damage that needs to be addressed, and you're wondering if it is time to finally replace the roof? Here are some questions to ask yourself to help determine what to do. Is There Significant Roof Damage? The first thing to figure out is how badly the roof damage actually is that motivated the potential need for roof replacement. Do you have leaks that