Roofs Have Come So Far

Residential Roof Replacement And Why You Need It And Not Just Repairs

If you're lucky enough to not need to replace your entire roof, you may still have to have a home roof replacement done for the most part. Often, a residential roof replacement company will come to your home and determine the work that needs to be done, then they will perform the roof replacement on a schedule that works best for everyone, starting with the most urgen

What Homeowners Need To Know About Metal Roof Restorations

Restoring a metal roof typically involves a series of steps your roofer will perform to clean, repair, and protect the roof surface. Below is the general process for restoring a metal roof. The Metal Roof Restoration Process Inspection: Your roofer will begin by thoroughly inspecting the roof for any signs of damage, such as leaks, rust, loose or damaged panels,

Do You Have Exterior Siding Discoloration And Mold On The Roof? Call A Roofer Today

If you have noticed some small problems around your home that don't make you think that there are major roofing issues, but do cause concern, you may need a roofing inspection. There are many signs that there are roofing problems that don't directly show the roof in distress. Instead, there may be more subtle changes and flaws that you want to pay attention to. Here a

How To Avoid Water Leak Problems When Replacing A Home Window

Replacing a home window can be difficult. One of the most common issues homeowners face when installing a new window is water leakage when the window is not replaced correctly. Fortunately, there are some steps that a window replacement contractor follows to avoid water leaks. The Right Window for Your Climate Different types of windows have different resistance level

Why Your Roof Shingles Don't Match Anymore

If you have noticed something off with your roof, you may wonder if you have mismatched shingles. Mismatched shingles often can happen when you need to replace some shingles due to damage, and the new ones don't match the old ones. However, not all mismatched shingles are due to poor workmanship or fading. Sometimes, the culprit is algae. Why Blue-Green Algae Grows on