Roofs Have Come So Far

3 Telltale Signs That A Commercial Roofer Needs To Inspect A Building's Roof

Commercial roofing materials can last for many years. Routine roof inspections are a valuable service for property owners to use to determine if their materials are near or at the end of their lifespan. Inspections also help to identify roof repair issues in a timely manner. Frequent repairs are a sign that a roof replacement is needed.

The following points highlight a few other telltale signs that it is time for a commercial roof replacement. 

Peculiar Odors

Musty odors are a definitive sign that something is amiss. It is indicative that mold is present. Commercial roofers can determine if the issue is related to roofing systems. If it is a roofing issue, the most likely causes are undetected leaks or moisture issues. 

Property owners should never postpone getting repairs to their roofs if there are moisture issues present because of mold risks. Mold spreads quickly and can damage other building materials such as walls. If a property has a significant amount of mold in the roofing system, property owners will likely need to make plans for a roof replacement.

Increase in Energy Costs

Roofs offer protection to a property and also regulate indoor temperatures. If there are flaws in the roofing system, it is likely to cause energy spikes. The damaged materials may not effectively allow heat to escape during the summer. It will also interfere with keeping a building insulated and warm during the winter. Both of these issues may create a need to consume more energy in an effort to keep indoor temperatures comfortable.

Damaged Roof Materials

Issues such as loose or missing shingles need to get addressed as soon as possible. If they are not, roofs are vulnerable to additional damage from weather events involving high winds, snowfall, or heavy rainfall. High winds can cause additional shingles to blow off.  Snow may cause moisture damage during freeze and thaw cycles. Roof materials may also get compromised by moisture when it rains. Property owners whose buildings are involved inclement weather should request roof inspections. If they do not, hidden damage could lead to a shorter lifespan of their roofing materials.

Commercial roofing contractors are a good resource to use for advice on roofing services. They can explain their services to ensure that property owners know their options. Property owners should not overlook the value of taking care of their roofing systems to get maximum benefits from them. Intact roofing materials offer protection against interior water damage. 

Reach out to local commercial roofers to learn more.