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How To Know If You Should Apply A Polyurethane Coating On Your Roof

If you are looking for a way to protect your roof from the elements, improve its appearance, and save energy, you might want to consider applying a polyurethane coating. Polyurethane comes in both rigid and flexible forms and has many advantages over other roof coatings. 

What Is a Polyurethane Coating?

Polyurethane coating is a liquid material sprayed or rolled onto the roof surface, forming a seamless and durable membrane that adheres to most substrates. There are two main types of polyurethane coating: aliphatic and aromatic. Aliphatic polyurethane is more UV stable, holds color longer, resists dirt pick-up, and is usually used as a top coat. Aromatic polyurethane is less UV stable, costs less, and is typically used as a base coat.

What Types of Roofs Benefit?

Polyurethane coating can be applied on various types of roofs, such as:

What Are the Benefits of Polyurethane Coatings?

Polyurethane coating can provide you with many benefits, such as durability. Polyurethane coating is among the strongest and most impact-resistant roof coatings. It can withstand the daily expansion and contraction of the roof due to temperature changes and the effects of ponding water, weather conditions, and chemicals. It also maintains its shape and elasticity over time.

Polyurethane coating is highly reflective and UV stable, reducing the roof's heat absorption and lowering the building's cooling costs. It also helps to prevent thermal shock and cracking of the roof due to temperature fluctuations.

Polyurethane coating can enhance the appearance of your roof by providing a smooth and uniform finish that comes in various colors. It also prevents fading, chalking, and dirt accumulation on the roof surface.

How to Apply Polyurethane Coating?

If you are interested in applying polyurethane coating on your roof, you should follow these steps:

You can carry out all of these steps yourself or you can hire a professional to apply the coating for you. Polyurethane coating is an excellent option for protecting your roof if you have the type of roof that is compatible with this coating. For more information on roof coatings, contact a company near you.