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Do You Have Exterior Siding Discoloration And Mold On The Roof? Call A Roofer Today

If you have noticed some small problems around your home that don't make you think that there are major roofing issues, but do cause concern, you may need a roofing inspection. There are many signs that there are roofing problems that don't directly show the roof in distress.

Instead, there may be more subtle changes and flaws that you want to pay attention to. Here are a few of the things that may not seem alarming, but that show your house is at risk of problems because of the roof's condition.

Exterior Siding Mold

Water running down the sides of your house due to faulty flashing or gutters can cause mold growth on the exterior of your home. If this happens to you, you want to get the house professionally pressure washed and treated, and a roofing inspector will look at the cause of this issue.

Granules in the Yard

Asphalt shingles are coated with tiny granules that protect the fiberglass base of the shingle that is coated in asphalt. These granules are to help repel water, deter UV rays, and protect the shingle to protect the home. If you are finding granules all around the yard, this is an indication that the shingles need to be replaced.

Black Streaks

If you see dark, or black color streaks down the roof, this usually indicates that there is a water problem in those areas. This could have been caused by a roof leak, an ice dam, or a ventilation problem that isn't easy to see.

Light areas of discoloration on the roof can indicate UV damage over time. Get the streaks looked at to find out how severe the problem is.

A roofing inspector can come to your property to do a thorough inspection to determine the current condition of your roof. When this happens they will give you a detailed explanation, and this should have these details compiled:

In the quote, you can see how the roofing company is going to fix the different problems you have, and what the easiest ways to fix the roof will be.

If you need a majority of the shingles replaced, or major work done to the roof, then you want to consider getting a roof replacement. Ask for a quote on a new installation package when you get the estimate for the repairs you need. Go from there and make the best decision for your home.

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