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Why Your Roof Shingles Don't Match Anymore

If you have noticed something off with your roof, you may wonder if you have mismatched shingles. Mismatched shingles often can happen when you need to replace some shingles due to damage, and the new ones don't match the old ones. However, not all mismatched shingles are due to poor workmanship or fading. Sometimes, the culprit is algae.

Why Blue-Green Algae Grows on Your Roof

Blue-green algae can grow on moist and shaded areas of your roof, near water, or in a forested area. The algae can produce a dark pigment that stains the shingles and makes them look different from the rest of the roof. This can happen even if the shingles are the same color and type.

What to Look For with Algae

Look at the pattern of discoloration. If it is random and patchy, it is more likely to be algae. If it is consistent and uniform, it is more likely to be mismatched shingles.

Look at the location of discoloration. It is more likely to be algae if it is mainly on the north-facing or shaded parts of the roof. It will likely be mismatched shingles if it is on all sides of the roof.

Consider the Age of Your Roof

Look at the age of your roof. It is more likely to be algae if your roof is relatively new. It will likely be mismatched shingles if it is older and has faded over time.

How to Fix the Problem

If you have confirmed that you have mismatched shingles, you may want to consider replacing them with matching ones or getting a new roof altogether. Mismatched shingles can affect curb appeal and create water damage and leaks vulnerabilities. You should hire a reputable roofing contractor who uses the same supplier and can guarantee a good match for your shingles.

How to Remove Algae

If you have found algae, you may want to consider cleaning your roof or installing algae-resistant shingles. Cleaning your roof can remove the stains and restore the original color of your shingles, but it may not prevent future growth. Installing algae-resistant shingles can prevent algae from forming in the first place, as they contain copper granules that inhibit bacterial growth.

Whether you have mismatched shingles or blue-green algae, you should not ignore the problem. Your roof is essential, and it deserves proper care and maintenance. Fortunately, you can fix the problem without any effort by contacting a roofing contractor, and you can make your roof look great. 

For more info about roof replacement, contact a local company.