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What Are Your Natural Material Options For A Roof Replacement?

There are many options for sustainable roofing these days. You can find solar roofs that harness sunlight and convert it to electricity. You can find metal roofs made from recycled metal, and shingle roofs made from recycled asphalt. All of these options have their place, but none of them are entirely natural. If you specifically want an eco-friendly roof made from natural materials, you have three main choices: slate, cedar shakes, and clay tile. Here's a look at each of these materials and how they compare.


Of the three materials listed here, slate is probably the most durable. There are slate roofs that were installed on homes in the 1800s that are still intact and doing their job. Not all slate roofs last quite this long, but there is a very good chance the slate roof will outlive you. Slate is entirely natural as it is just pieces of stone. You can find slate roofing in a variety of colors, including some shades that are surprisingly bright blue, green, or purple. Slate will stand up to hail, high winds, and other stormy conditions. On the other hand, it is one of the most expensive roofing materials and takes a long time to install, largely because of its weight.

Clay Tile

There are several types of roofing tiles, and not all of them are all-natural. Ordinary, non-coated clay tile is natural. Concrete and painted clay tiles are not entirely natural. Clay tile has a distinct terra cotta color that some people like, and others don't like. It sheds water well, is really resistant to wind damage, and stands up to salt spray. For these reasons, it is common in coastal areas, but it works well practically anywhere. Clay tile tends to cost less than slate, but it is similarly heavy and time-consuming to install.


Your other option is to have a cedar shake roof installed. Cedar shakes are just chunks of cedar, cut in the direction of the wood grain. They weigh less than other roofing materials, are easy to install, and are quite affordable. Cedar does not attract insects and is more rot-resistant than other woods. On the other hand, cedar roofing is not a smart choice in areas that get wildfires. It's also not as long-lived as slate or clay tile.

If you want to replace your roof with natural materials, these are the three most prevalent options to consider.  

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