Roofs Have Come So Far

What Is New In Roofing Choices

If it's time to redo your roof, you might want to rethink the traditional asphalt shingle choice. Consider, instead, a new choice from those listed below. 

Concrete Tiles 

If you love the look of terracotta tiled roofs, the same look can be had for much less by using concrete tiles. This type of roofing is known for its durability and versatility. Not only can concrete tiles be produced to appear like the pricy terracotta tiles, but they can mimic just about any type of look you want in any color or shape. Concrete tiled roofs can last for many, many years and you may never need to replace your concrete tiled roof in your lifetime. 

Solar Shingles

Solar shingles may appear to be ordinary asphalt shingles. However, solar shingles are energy-producing. You can actually generate electricity for your home using this type of roofing material because they are hiding photovoltaic cells within them. Your energy bill and the environment will thank you. 

Metal Roofs

While not new, metal roofs may now be the choice of those who are just discovering that they need a new roof. Mental roofs are durable, energy efficient, and look great. They accent many different home styles and come in any color you could ask for. Like concrete tiles, metal roofs are meant to last nearly a lifetime. They won't spring leaks or lose shingles like an asphalt shingle roof does. 

Green Roofs

Roofs that support soil and vegetation are not as unusual as they previously were. More and more often, people are using their roofs for something more than a covering for their homes. These roofs support a lawyer of soil and then can be planted with vegetables, flowers, and more. They are known to be very energy-efficient, and they can improve the air quality around your home. When it rains on a green roof, the soil absorbs the moisture and is not as likely to cause run-off problems. 

Rubber Roofing

Old tires and other materials are reused to produce shingles that begin their life as rubber. Those wishing to join the recycling movement can also expect to save money because rubber roofing materials are less expensive than other choices. Rubber roofing is also a quick and easy install. 

Synthetic Slate

Everyone knows that slate roofing is a very expensive option. The look, however, is without competition. Synthetic slate tiles allow you to have the high-end look of slate with a light and cheaper alternative. 

Speak to a local roofing company to learn more about the right roofing choice for you.