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5 Common Repair Needs for Flat Residential Roofs

Flat roofs are most commonly found on homes in drier climates where water runoff during rain or snow isn't as big of a concern. Although flat roofs do perform well on a residential abode, there are some common issues to watch for. If you spot any of the following issues, call a roofer for repairs.

1. Pooling Water

A huge concern for a flat roof is drainage. Insufficient drainage can cause water pooling, which puts unnecessary weight stress on the roof and can lead to leaks. Most flat roofs do have a slight slope that helps water run off through perimeter drains around the roof edge. If there is still pooling water on the roof, then your roofer may need to install extra drains.

2. Mechanical Damages

Mechanical damage is a result of walking or working on the roof, such as when servicing your rooftop HVAC system. The membrane suffers damage from footsteps or even a dropped tool. Repairing the damage is usually as simple as patching the membrane. Your roofer can help prevent future damage by installing reinforced materials along the most obvious service pathways on the roof, such as reinforcing a strip from the eaves to the HVAC system or chimney.

3. Membrane Punctures

Most flat roofing systems used on a home consist of some sort of membrane system, such as a synthetic rubber roofing membrane applied over a sturdy base. Flying debris from a wind storm or a similar strike can puncture this membrane. On a flat roof, this is an easy fix, unlike when similar puncture damage occurs on a traditional sloped roof.  Flat roof membranes can be quickly and easily patched whenever they develop holes, without any need to tear off old roofing or begin an involved repair.

4. Bird Problems

Birds can be a huge issue on a flat roof, as they are drawn to the site to perch or even build their nests. The acidic bird droppings can eat through a roof membrane over time, and nesting materials can block rooftop vents or even clog the roof drain and gutter systems. Cleaning the roof off all debris and droppings is the first step, followed by patching or recoating to repair any damage. Your roofer can then install bird-prevention devices that will prevent them from landing or nesting on the roof.

5. UV Decay

UV light from the sun can eventually decay some flat roof membranes, leading to problems like cracking or shrinking. This can result in damage to the membrane that results in leaks. Fortunately, there are modern products available that can repair minor UV damage and prevent it from happening again. Your roofer can seal the flat roof with a UV-resistant flat roof coating, which is applied over the existing membrane.

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