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How To Nail Shingles To The Roof Of Your House

Shingles are very effective at protecting a roof from the elements. However, for your shingles to not leak and hold up against the elements, they also need to be nailed correctly. If you want to have the most reliable shingles possible, make sure to use the right nailing technique or hire a professional.

Follow the Manufacturer's Instructions

The method you should use to nail a shingle depends on the type of shingle you are using. Each shingle comes with the manufacturer's instructions on how a nail is supposed to be driven through the shingle. This includes the driving method and the location where the nail should penetrate. The shingles need to be nailed correctly to also make sure that you are in compliance with building codes. Your shingles will also better protect your home when they are nailed to your roof correctly. 

Use the Right Nails

Nails used to hammer shingles in place can be used for all sorts of purposes. The most common types of nails you can use to hammer your shingles include aluminum, stainless steel, galvanized steel, and copper. The best type of nails to choose depends on the geographic region in which you reside. For example, in coastal areas, it might make more sense to prioritize nails that are known for being resistant to corrosion. 

Install the Shingles Properly

The nails need to be long enough to where they will be able to penetrate deeply enough when you are nailing the shingles to make sure that the shingles remain in place. There needs to be enough nails and they need to be positioned so that they are not exposed to moisture too much.

Some nails are driven into a shingle using a hammer, which is the most conventional approach. However, a nail gun is often seen is one of the most efficient approaches. If you're not sure which option to choose, consider which type of nail gun will allow you to avoid searing failures, buckling, raised shingle tabs, and shingle blowoffs.

Fix Nailing Errors

Any nailing errors that you discover need to be addressed as soon as possible. If you discover any underdriven nails, they can be tapped down easily with a hammer. If you discover any crooked nails, they should be removed and replaced with new nails. If the shingle is ruined, make sure to replace the entire shingle. These steps are all crucial because they'll help you better maintain your roof.

Speak to a roof installation service to find out more.