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When To Call A Roofer To Check The Condition Of Your Roof And Make Repairs If Needed

Keeping up with roof repair is important because a roof leak that goes on long enough can cause water damage to your home. You may not know the condition of your roof if you don't climb up there for a close look. Even if you do feel comfortable walking on your roof, you may not know what to look for when searching for damage.

That's why it's a good idea to let a roofer inspect your roof occasionally. If your roof has a leak or a damaged area that might start leaking you want to know about it. Here's when to consider calling a roofer to check over your roof.

When There's Mold In Your Attic

Mold might be caused by a roof leak or poor attic ventilation. If you have a roof leak, your attic insulation might be wet and you might see water stains on the rafters or walls. The roofer might need to replace the shingles or patch the deck where it's leaking.

Poor attic ventilation leads to condensation, and the dampness from that can cause mold. Poor ventilation might show up on your roof as curled shingles. A roofer can take a look inside your attic and on the roof to determine why your attic is moldy.

The problem needs to be fixed before you clean up the mold or the mold will probably come back. The roofer may need to add a turbine vent to the roof to increase attic ventilation.

When Your Property Has Had Hail Damage

If your gutters, siding, car, or other things on your property look dented by hail, that's a sign your roof could have damage too. Hail damage shows up on asphalt shingles as circular bruised areas. There may not be evidence of leaking right away, but the damaged shingles may start to leak later, so you'll want to report hail damage to your insurance agent.

If the damage is widespread on your roof, your insurance company may recommend a complete roof replacement. If the damage isn't too bad, your roofing contractor might be able to replace the damaged shingles instead.

When You Spot Roof Damage

Even if you look at your roof from the ground, you can often spot damage. If you see holes made by raccoons or rats, dark spots on the roof caused by loss of granules, missing shingles, or sagging, call a roofing contractor for help. Damage should be repaired right away or at least covered up so rain can't get under the roofing and inside of your house.

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