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How A Commercial Roofing Installation Is Different From A Residential Roofing Installation

If you are having a commercial roof installed on your building for the first time, you might think that having the roof installed is similar to installing a residential roof. However, there are several ways in which commercial roofs differ substantially from residential roofs.

Special Equipment is Required 

Some homeowners choose to install their own roofs. It can be dangerous to do so and a lot can go wrong. However, it's much more difficult to install a commercial roof because of the special equipment required. As a result, a commercial roof installation is usually handled by professionals. 

Residential roofs usually consist of shingles or tiles that are placed over an underlayment. Commercial roofs, on the other hand, usually have a flat roof that consists of a membrane. This type of roof is installed using hot welding instead of using other tools such as a nail gun.

Commercial Roofs Have a Different Drainage System 

Residential roofs rely on gravity to allow moisture to travel down a slope to a nearby gutter. Commercial roofs, on the other hand, have a slight slope that allows water to travel to a nearby drain. This type of roof must be installed properly or the water will not drain properly and the roof will begin to experience issues such as ponding.

Ponding can cause damage to a roof because the moisture can gradually corrode the roof. Also, the weight of the water can cause damage to the roof. To avoid installation mistakes that can lead to your roof becoming damaged, it's important to hire an experienced crew. 

Commercial Roofers Are Highly Trained and Experienced 

Installing a commercial roof requires a lot of time and several workers. This is especially true for wider buildings that can have large roofs. Having the roof installed by professionals will also ensure that you are able to take advantage of any warranties that come with the roofing materials. 

Commercial Buildings Are More Dangerous to Install a Roof On 

Commercial roofs can be much larger than residential roofs and the buildings can be much taller. Therefore, it can be more dangerous to install a commercial roof because workers can become seriously injured when they fall. As a result, commercial roofers use the best safety practices.

Until your commercial roof has been installed, your business will be put on hold. Therefore, it makes sense to hire professionals who will be able to install a commercial roof very quickly and you won't have to worry about the roof having defects.

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