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Should You Use Gutter Guards with a Metal Roof?

If your home has a metal roof, you may have found that there are a few things you've had to pay closer attention to. If you are thinking about installing a new metal roof, you want to make sure that you know what you are working with. As a result, you may be uncertain if your metal roof would benefit from gutter guards.

Gutter guards can actually be beneficial for many homes with metal roofs. Here's what you need to know.

Metal Roofs Have Faster Rain Flow

One of the main benefits of a metal roof is that it can help shed water quickly. This is due to the fact that metal roofs have a very slick surface. That same quality, however, can also be a downside.

The fast movement of water off a metal roof can cause your gutters to overflow. This is especially true if there are leaves or other debris in the gutters that can slow down the water flow.

This also means that rainwater can overshoot your gutters. You'll need to make sure that you have large enough gutters and gutter guards so that the water is not going to end up at the foundation of your home instead.

Gutter guards can help to prevent this by allowing water to flow through while keeping out leaves and debris. This can help to protect your gutters and your home from water damage.

You'll Need to Make Sure Water Can Get Into the Gutter Guards

While gutter guards can be beneficial for metal roofs, you need to make sure that they are installed correctly. If the gutter guards are not installed correctly, they can actually cause more problems by not allowing water to enter the gutter efficiently.

Make sure that the gutter guards you choose have openings that are small enough to keep out leaves and debris but large enough to allow water to flow through, especially with that faster flow. 

Maintain Your Gutter Guards to Prevent Common Metal Roof Issues

You'll also need to clean out your gutter guards regularly to make this happen. Roof maintenance by a professional who understands metal roofs can help you avoid water damage to your home.

Speak With a Specialist in Metal Roofs

When you are ready to have a metal roof installed on your home or you have questions about caring for an existing one, reach out to a professional roofing company—such as Swita Metal Roofing. They can help you choose the best gutter guards and ensure they are installed correctly.