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Causes Behind A Caving Roof

A saggy roof is no doubt worrying. Seeing this at the initial stages does not necessarily mean your roof is about to collapse, but it sure is a warning that you should do something to save the structure. Saggy roofs can either be repaired or reinforced, depending on the severity of the situation. This is something that only a qualified roofer can handle, so get in touch with one for satisfactory results. Here are various reasons behind a saggy roof. 

Your Roof's Weight

The commonest reason behind a caving roof is weight issues. Generally, each roof is designed to handle a certain amount of weight for a specific time frame. Therefore, when there is added weight, such as snow, and you fail to do something about it, you are putting pressure on your roof. 

Ideally, you need to contact a roofer to eliminate the snow from your roof because a DIY approach could damage your roof. In addition, an improperly installed roof may also lead to roof sagging due to insufficient sheathing or undersized rafters. So, for this reason, you should be careful not to do the installations yourself. 

Installing a new roof over an old one or installing a roof too heavy for the structure may cause your roof to cave in. So, watch out for these and inform your roofer if you suspect your roof is caving in. 

Roof Damage

You should make it a habit to address roofing issues on time as they are known to lead to all sorts of damage when ignored. One of the side effects is roof sagginess. Therefore, deal with all damage, especially leaks or damaged flashing, before it affects the structural integrity. As a result, you will have a better chance of protecting your roof from serious damage. Furthermore, most roof damage tends to lead to moisture penetration, which affects the plywood and the supporting system, eventually resulting in partial or full roof sagginess. 

Your Roof Is Old

Your roof could also be caving in due to old age. In other words, the roofing system has deteriorated over time and is probably ready for a replacement. You must take immediate action as soon as you notice this because your roof can collapse and hurt someone. 

A caving roof worsens with time and can be expensive to repair. Also, it might collapse, leading to injuries. Therefore, to protect your loved ones, contact a qualified roofer to assess the situation and determine the best approach.

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