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5 Benefits Of Residential Roof Replacement When Selling

If you're selling your home, you may be tempted to ignore any repairs and maintenance. This might seem like an easy way to save money, but you miss out on getting better prices by failing to invest in home improvement. Residential roof replacement before selling your home gives it unique pulling advantages that could help you sell faster and at better prices. Why should you consider replacing the roof?

1. Instant Boost to the Home's Curb Appeal 

A residential roof replacement may cost several thousand dollars, but new asphalt shingles alone—which add a fresh coat of color and texture—can raise property values by a significantly higher percentage of the home's value. 

The fact is that having an attractive, well-maintained exterior says something about you as a homeowner and about your future buyer's likely experience in your home.

2. Impress Buyers Concerned About Energy Efficiency

If you want to ease the concerns about energy efficiency for buyers concerned about climate change and rising energy costs, one of your home improvement projects could be a home roof replacement. This alone could draw in prospective buyers by giving them peace of mind when buying a home.

3. Improve Comfort With Better Ventilation and Air Quality

Residential roof replacement allows for improving ventilation for better air quality. This is especially important if the house is prone to dust mites, stuffy air, and high humidity. In addition to helping keep your home cool during the summer months, a new roof can also increase comfort by making your home quieter than ever before. 

4. Promise Longer Roof Durability 

With residential roofing replacement, buyers expect much longer roof durability, thus reducing roofing costs in the future. The buyer will also enjoy the new warranties that come with the new roof and lower insurance premiums for the new roof. The promise of lower costs can be a powerful motivator for potential buyers. 

5. Get a Stronger Negotiation Position 

Home roof replacement before you sell can help your selling position. A new one makes buyers feel more confident, and if it's already replaced, there's no guessing about what kind of condition it's in. 

In fact, replacing your roof shows potential buyers that you understand the future resale value—and have a plan to maintain your home during ownership. It gives you an upper hand in price negotiations.

The roof's condition makes a strong impression on potential home buyers, so it should be in the best shape possible when selling a home. Call a roofer to discuss options for a residential roof replacement.