Roofs Have Come So Far

How To Know It's Time For A Roof Replacement

Your roof is one of the most essential parts of your home. When it gets damaged beyond repair it can be costly to replace. However, if your roof has reached the point where it can't be redeemed there is nothing you can do but replace it. If you are still not sure whether or not you should have your roof replaced here are some tips that will help you to decide.

Check Your Records

Sometimes you may get home improvement records from previous owners when you buy a home. Go ahead and check when was the last time the roof was either reshingled or replaced. This knowledge will help you know if your roof needs to be replaced. Roofs tend to last for at least two decades. After that, you shouldn't be surprised if you start having leaks or other issues with your roof.

Deterioration is Obvious

When deterioration becomes obvious then you know that it is time for a roof replacement. A roof that needs replacement will sometimes visibly sag. If you check the surfaces and see that moisture has been trapped and there are rotting boards then it may definitely be time for a roof replacement. Take a close look at your shingles they should be lying flat on the roof. If you find shingles that are cracked or damaged then you may have to repair too many of them for it to be worthwhile. In a case like this, it is sometimes better to replace the entire roof. If you are also seeing lots of shingle granules in your gutters and downspouts then it is time for roof replacement.

Moss is Growing

If moss is growing all over your roof then this is a sign that you may need to have it replaced. If moss is accompanied by mold and fungi then there may be trapped moisture that is destroying your roof. You can try to do away with the moss that has collected in shaded areas of the roof by using a stiff brush. If mold and fungi damage is widespread though you may want to consider replacing the roof.

Getting your roof replaced is a big deal. It is an investment in the comfort of your home. There are usually many signs that you need to have your roof replaced and once you see them it is best to take action as fast as possible so that you can protect the inside of your home from the elements.