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4 Ways To Prepare For A Roof Replacement Project

Roof replacement involves intricate construction procedures that can lead to noise, vibrations, and other hazards. Generally, your home will be a worksite until the project ends. For this reason, you should prepare well and take measures to ensure your family is safe during a roof replacement project. Here are four ways to prepare for roof replacement.

1. Keep Your Valuables Safe

If you have valuable things in the attic or hanging on the walls, you should remove them and keep them safe. This is because the vibrations from hammers, drills, and movements of roofers could damage valuable things. Therefore, remove hanging photos or decorations that are not firmly screwed to the wall. In the attic, you can cover other items with sheets or cloths to protect them from dust or debris.

2. Relocate If Possible

If you are replacing the entire roof, which means peeling off the current roof, you need to find a place to stay with your family during the project duration. Staying in the house can be dangerous for the kids while playing around. Also, loud noises can affect your kids' sleeping and interfere with other activities at home.

However, if you can't relocate, or if the replacement will take only a few hours, you should come up with safety rules and procedures. For example, you can ask the kids not to go to the attic and the yard during the project. Also, ask them to watch the pets to prevent them from going to high-risk areas. You can also ask the roofing company to provide the roof replacement service when your kids are at school.

3. Move Items From the Yard

Since most of the debris and nails from the roof will fall into the yard, you should move important items to the garage or a safe distance from the house. The things you should remove from the yard include outdoor furniture, vehicle, bikes, toys, grills, potted plants, and gardening tools. Generally, anything that is not required for the project should not be in the yard. The roofers will lay tarps in the yard to help collect the debris.

4. Inform Your Neighbors

You should also inform your neighbors about your roofing project and give them the estimated time it will take. This way, they can also prepare and possibly alter their schedule to avoid any inconveniences. If you have very close neighbors, they also need to shift items from their backyards to prevent damage that may be caused by flying debris. Your contractor will advise you on the best way to approach the project.

When your roof is completely damaged, replacement remains the best solution. However, you need to prepare to have a smooth project. Pay attention to these tips and hire a reliable roofing company for the best results.  

To learn more, reach out to a local roof replacement service.