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The Benefits Of Choosing A Flat Roof For Your Home

Although flat roofs are traditionally favored for commercial buildings, homeowners are also jumping on the bandwagon as they come to terms with the benefits that these roofs can deliver. 

Is a flat roof completely flat? Despite the name, flat roofs aren't 100% level. These roofs boast some degree of slope to allow rainwater to drain away without problems. If you're considering installing a flat roof in your new home, here are some of the likely benefits you should expect to enjoy. 

A Flat Roof Is a Cost-Effective Option

One of the major reasons flat roofs are an appealing option for many modern homeowners is that they're relatively inexpensive to install when compared to sloped roofs. These roofs require less labor and fewer roofing materials, so they tend to cost less to install.

If you're on a tight budget, a flat roof can be an economical roofing choice for your new residential build. 

A Flat Roof Can Be Used For Other Purposes

The design of a flat roof makes it possible to use the rooftop for other purposes. For example, outdoor components of AC units can be placed on the roof instead of the ground. If you have limited yard space, you can install outdoor living spaces such as decks and patios on top of your concrete slab flat roof. 

A Flat Roof Is Easy to Access

Because there's a flat surface instead of a slope, it's extremely easy to access a flat roof for maintenance purposes. You can easily get up there and clean your roof without worrying about the risk of falling off the rooftop. You can also easily inspect your roof for potential repair issues.

A Flat Roof Better Resists Wind Damage

If you live in an area that is prone to strong winds, you can benefit greatly from the installation of a flat roof. Flat roofs can withstand extreme wind events better than slanted roofs, as a smaller area of the roof surface is subjected to wind pressure. 

A Flat Roof Has an Architectural Appeal

This roof design doesn't offer the elegant look of a traditional, slanted roof, but it can have architectural appeal with the right setup. If you appreciate a minimalist approach to residential architecture, look no further than a flat roof for your home.

Is a flat roof right for your new home? The short answer is that it depends. Talk to a roofing company like JCB Roofing near you today to find out if a flat roof design is suited to your residential build.