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Why Replacement Windows Are A Good Investment When You Update An Older Home

If you've recently bought an older home that hasn't had major upgrades done yet, you might be surprised at what a difference there is with climate control in a home that has old single-pane windows. Putting in new replacement windows might be a high priority so your home is more comfortable. Here are three more reasons new windows are a good investment for an older home.

1. There's Less Strain On Your HVAC

Old windows are often drafty, and those chilly drafts make your home feel colder in the winter. Your furnace has to run longer to try to keep your home warm. You may keep turning up the thermostat to help you feel comfortable, and that causes your HVAC to run longer too.

The reverse happens in the summer. Your HVAC has to run longer to keep your home nice and cool. Replacement windows are less leaky so hot air stays outside in the summer and inside in the winter. Plus, double-pane glass in new windows reduces heat transfer and that helps keep your home more comfortable too, and as a result, your HVAC doesn't have to strain and run longer than necessary. This might result in a longer lifespan for your equipment. As a bonus, you may have lower power bills because your HVAC runs less often.

2. New Windows Add Beauty To Your Home

Old windows may not be very attractive, and they may even make your home look dated. Replacement windows can make your home more beautiful inside and out. While you buy replacement windows based on the size of the windows, you have a lot of options when it comes to what the windows look like. Since windows are highly visible inside and out, updating them could give your home a new, modern look.

3. Replacement Windows Improve Home Security

Replacement windows have the latest security features, and that could be important when you're looking for ways to boost home security. New windows have improved locking mechanisms, and the windows are sturdier in their frames. You can even opt for impact glass that won't shatter when hit, so intruders can't knock out a window to get inside.

The improved construction of the windows is also what makes them more energy-efficient, and it can also result in improved sound control. If you live near a school or other noisy area, new windows can act as soundproofing to cut down on the noise that you hear inside your house.

For more information about replacement windows for your home, contact a local professional.