Roofs Have Come So Far

Answers To Common Roofing Work Questions

Roofing issues will be able to pose a significant challenge that most homeowners will have to handle at some point or another, whether this is making routine repairs to the roof or investing in a total roof replacement.

Is An Overlay A Durable Solution For Replacing A Roof?

When it comes time to replace the roof of the house, choosing to have an overlay installed rather than a total replacement can provide some important benefits. For example, this roof replacement option will typically be more affordable and far faster than a total replacement. Additionally, it will generally be a very durable option. However, it can have some disadvantages that may not always make it a viable or practical option. These limitations can include only being able to install an overlay once as this will add a considerable amount of weight to the roof. Additionally, this option is only a viable solution if the roof is relatively undamaged. Severe rot or other issues may require a total roof replacement as simply covering the damage will not correct it and may allow it to spread.

What Should You Consider If Opting To Change The Materials Used In The Roof?

You may have come to the conclusion that you want to change the type of materials that are used in your home's roof. For example, a homeowner may want to choose materials that are more durable, energy-efficient, or better looking than what is currently on their roof. Often, this will mean upgrading from asphalt shingles to tile or other thicker materials. While it is possible to make this upgrade to the home, it will require additional planning as these new materials may increase the amount of weight that the roof will have to support. As a result, the roof's supports may need to be reinforced before the new materials can be installed.

Can You Add A Slope To Flat Areas Of The Roof?

Depending on the design of your home's roof, there may be areas of it that are largely flat. Not surprisingly, these portions of the roof may be more prone to developing water accumulations or other problems that could result in structural problems or mold growths for the home. Luckily, it is possible to add a slope to these areas so that any water that lands on the roof will be able to easily drain off. For those with rubber roofing systems, this can be relatively simple as it may be possible to add a slight elevation to this type of roofing by adding more of this coating to the center of the roof. However, shingles or metal roofing systems may be more complicated as the roofing panels will need to be angled.

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