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The Commercial Roofing Guide for Spray Foam Energy-Efficient Roof Designs

If you want to have more energy-efficient roofing for your business, many commercial roof systems can help. One of the options to consider is spray foam, which can provide many benefits when it comes to the roof of your business. The following guide will help you with the spray foam roof improvements for your property:

Adding the right underlayments to spray foam roofs

The underlayments of roofs are important, and this is no different with spray foam. These roofing systems can do a lot to improve the strength, efficiency, and durability of roofing, but they need to have a good underlayment. Some of the best choices for spray foam roofing underlayments include:

These are the best choices for the spray foam roofing underlayments. The durable underlayment materials are the foundation of the spray foam insulation and help improve the design of the roofing system.

Drainage systems and spray foam roofing improvements

One of the biggest benefits of spray foam roofing is the drainage of your roof. Spray foam is an excellent opportunity to improve the watershed and drainage system design of a commercial roof. This is because the spray foam can act lit a leveler and help create slopes and direct runoff towards drainage system grates. This will prevent problems with standing water and other issues that commonly damage commercial roofing.

Cool roofing systems with light-colors foam sealants

Cool roofing systems are another option to consider with a spray foam roof. These are roofing systems that are lighter-colored, which reduces heat transfer through the roof—making your business more energy—efficient. The great thing about this type of cool roofing solution is that is is a spray coating that is easy to install, maintain, and repair.

Sealant reinforcements, repairs, and maintenance

There are many sealant and reinforcement options that can be added to spray foam roofing. You may want to have a membrane underlayment and spray sealant reinforcements for areas of the roof that get more foot traffic for things like maintenance and repairs. To maintain spray foam roofing, you just want to keep it clean and regularly check for leaks and damage. Spray sealants will be easy to repair by simply patching them when there is a problem.

These spray foam roof improvements will give your business a durable and energy-efficient new roof. Call a commercial roofing contractor and talk to them about these spray foam improvements for your business.