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Common Residential Siding Issues And Ways To Deal With Them

The siding is one of the most important aspects of your home's exterior. Unfortunately, it won't hold up forever. These problems in particular may arise, which you'll want to handle quickly and strategically.


If you don't have a siding material that is UV-resistant, then the colors may start to fade. Then your siding may look old and worn-down, affecting your home's curb appeal. If fading is pretty bad, then you'll want to work with a siding paint contractor.

They have portable paint sprayers that enable them to quickly apply coats of paint all over your siding. They also have a lot of experience to draw upon so that issues like patchy areas are avoided.

Most importantly, you won't have to expend a lot of energy or waste time. All of your siding will be painted in no time by a professional. 

Loose Sections

If your siding is a little bit older or wasn't set up correctly the first time, then some sections can actually become loose. You need to respond as quickly as possible before these sections come off entirely and then cost you a lot of money to replace.

If the sections are still in great shape, then you may be able to address loose parts yourself. You'll just need to remove siding sections and snap them back into the correct position. If there is damage or the siding is difficult to remove, then you'll want professional help.

Mold Growth

When siding isn't properly protected, certain sections can start developing mold. It's a pretty severe problem that you'll want to address by hiring a siding repair contractor.

First the contractor will go in and remove any traces of mold. They can use advanced detectors too so that mold is properly identified. Once it's alleviated, the contractor can beef up your siding with the right waterproof barriers.

Then no matter how humid it is in your area or how much rain your property gets, water will not be able to cause mold growth around your siding. Instead, inner portions will remain completely dry.

Having a home means dealing with siding issues from time to time. Some you can fix yourself, and then others will require help from professional contractors. Either way, you need to keep a lookout for possible complications and respond to them as quickly as you can. Only then can you keep this portion of your home in great shape for a long time.