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Is Your Roof at Risk? 4 Situations That May Require Emergency Repairs

If your roof is in good shape, routine maintenance will keep it that way. But, if your roof has sustained damage, you need to take care of the repairs right away. Waiting for repairs can leave you with added damage and repair costs. If your roof blows off during a windstorm, you know you need repairs. But, other types of damage aren't so easy to identify. That's where a little extra knowledge comes in handy. Here are four incidences that need immediate emergency roof repairs. 

1. Leaks

If you discovered a leak during the last rainstorm, you may think you have time to wait, especially if it looks like a small leak. You can use a bucket to collect the rainwater for a short time until the roofing company can get out to your house. But, using that tactic for too long could leave you with more damage to deal with. Some of the damage can include mold growth and ceiling damage. Prevent extra damage—call for emergency repairs at the first sign of a leak. 

2. Hail Storms

If a hailstorm passed through your area, contact your roofing company immediately. Your roof may look fine but that might not be the case. Hail can cause damage that is hard to see with the naked eye. Some of the damage happens under the shingles where the tears and splintering can occur. After a hailstorm, your roofing contractor needs to give your roof a thorough inspection. This should happen after every major hailstorm. If there are damages, you should schedule repairs as soon as possible. 

3. Heat Waves

If you go through an extreme heatwave this summer, have your roof inspected for damage. It may need emergency repairs. Exposure to extreme heat can cause serious damage to your roof. This is especially true if you have an asphalt shingle roof. Extreme heat can cause curling and blistering. It can also cause the adhesive to melt. If that happens, your shingles won't be as secure as they should be. If the temperatures stay in the triple-digits for a prolonged time, take action. Have your roof inspected right away; it may need emergency repairs. 

4. Animal Activity

If you've seen an increase in animal activity on your roof, call for an inspection. Animals can tear your roof apart. Unfortunately, the damage can go below the shingles, too. They can burrow under the shingles and damage the wood sub-floor. That type of damage requires emergency repairs.