Roofs Have Come So Far

Renovating an Old Home? Start With a New Roof and Protect Everything Inside

When it comes to updating an old home that needs a lot of work, protecting the home by starting with the roof may be the smartest investment and change you make. There can be a lot of issues when you buy a fixer upper, but having a safe roof that can protect the structure is vital for safety.

You don't want to worry about leaks, air loss, and falling debris being a problem while doing work inside the home. Here are talking points to go over with any roofing company giving you a quote.

Tear Away and Reusable Components

There will be a cost for the tear away process of the old roof and materials. If the roof is safe to stand on, you could consider removing the old shingles on your own to save on labor. For the quote, the contractor will look at the shingles and the underlining of the roof to see if there is a lot of rot and damage.

Once the shingles are off, the roofing company will be able to assess the damages better. Don't attempt to get on the roof on your own if it could fall through. Hopefully the structure of the roof is still reliable.

New Affordable Asphalt

Get a quote to have a new asphalt roof put on. The cost of the new roof will vary a lot based on the roofing material you choose. Asphalt shingles are reliable, long lasting, robust and efficient.

If you are investing in this house as your forever house, or you want to put high-end materials on the property, consider metal panels for your new roof.

Necessary Insulation and Protection

Preserving the roof and the home once the new roof is installed is crucial. Have polyurethane spray foam added into the cost of the roofing project, along with new gutters. You may also want to pay for an extended warranty.

Ask potential roofers for a quote on how much a new roof installation will cost. For each quote that you get, ask about the shingle or panel warranty and the service warranty that the installation providers will give you. If you have a list of projects that need to be completed around a house you just purchased and you think the roof is in dire need of replacement, a new roof may be the first investment you need to make for the property. This way you know that everything underneath is protected no matter what type of condition the internal materials are in.