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4 Commercial Roofing Membrane Installation Tips to Make Maintenance and Repairs Easier

If you need to have a new roof installed for your business, you want it to be durable, energy-efficient, and affordable. This is why commercial roof membrane materials are a popular choice. When installing a commercial roofing membrane, you will want it to be easy to maintain, and prevent damage. The following guide will help with the right commercial roof improvements when you have a new roofing membrane installed for your business:

1. Installing the Right Underlayment for More Durable and Energy-Efficient Commercial Roofing

If you are installing a commercial roof, the right type of underlayment is important. There are many different choices of materials, which include less efficient steel and plywood materials. For a more durable and energy-efficient commercial roof membrane, you will want to consider options like spray foam and rigid synthetic sheathing.

2. Using Spray Foam to Create Better Watershed and Drainage for Your Commercial Roof Installation

There are many ways that spray foam can be used for commercial roofing. When you are installing a commercial roofing membrane, the spray foam can be used in areas where the drainage of the roof needs to be improved. Use spray foam to help create a better drainage design for the roof before the membrane is installed.

3. The Right Drainage System and Reinforcements to Prevent Wear of Commercial Roofing Membranes

Roof drainage is important to prevent wear in some of the most vulnerable areas. Therefore, you want to have a drainage system installed that can handle the volume of water that can fall during heavy rains. In addition, you will want to install good storm drainage grates on the roof and reinforce the roofing membrane in these areas.

4. High Traffic Paths of Commercial Roofs and the Solutions to Help Prevent Wear and Damage in These Areas

There are also high traffic areas of commercial roofs that can be reinforced or improved when installing a membrane. First, you may want to consider doubling the membrane with a different color material to clearly mark paths and reduce wear. You may also want to consider installing maintenance paths that keep foot traffic off of the roofing materials to prevent wear and damage to your new roof.

These are some tips that will help with choosing the right improvements for your commercial roof installation. If you need more information about commercial roofing installation in your area, contact a roofing company near you.