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4 Times To Consider Scheduling A Roof Inspection For Your Home

A roof inspection, like other inspections for residential housing, is an excellent way for homeowners to learn as much as they can about their home. In addition, the findings from these types of inspections can be an important tool to help homeowners decide when repairs, replacements, or upgrades should be made.

Homeowners who want to enjoy the benefits a roofing inspection could provide but are unsure of when they should schedule one may find these tips to be helpful.

When weather or other damage is possible

One of your roof's major enemies is the weather. Storms with high winds can loosen or remove roofing materials and flashing, while hailstones can penetrate the surface and cause leaks to form.

Roofing can also be damaged by ice dams that commonly form in late winter and early spring from the thawing and refreezing of snow and ice. This occurs because the freezing and thawing action forces water up under the roofing materials where it can then seep into the envelope of the home.

Wind and severe weather can also cause the home's roof to be impacted by debris or tree limbs capable of gouging or damaging the surface and causing leaks to form.

When age is a factor

Homes with an aging roof should also be periodically inspected, even if no issues or leaks have yet developed. An aging roof can begin leaking suddenly, often without the homeowner's knowledge, leaving the house at risk of water damage, wood rot, mold, and mildew. 

When a leak has been detected

Seeing a single leak inside the living area of the home does not rule out the possibility of other hidden ones. A roofing inspection is the best way for homeowners to quickly learn whether their roof can be repaired or whether it will need to be replaced.

When the home is being prepared for the market

Another important time to schedule a roofing inspection is when the home is being prepared for the real estate market. Homeowners who move ahead to have their roof professionally inspected are providing themselves with additional time to deal with any damage that may be found before the home is actively listed for sale.

A pre-listing roof inspection can also give homeowners specific information about their roof that will help them negotiate more effectively with buyers during the inspection phase of the transaction.

These are only a few of the reasons why homeowners might want to schedule a roof inspection. To learn more, take the time to contact a roof inspection service in your area.