Roofs Have Come So Far

Going Solar? Tips To Help Homeowners With The Installation Of Solar Panels On Existing Roofs

The use and availability of residential solar power has undergone many changes since its initial debut several decades ago. At first, much of the interest in using electricity created by the sun came from those who yearned to live off-grid in rural areas where grid power could be difficult and expensive to access. As the movement grew, however, suburban homeowners, as well as many businesses and industries, quickly came on board to take advantage of the increasingly advanced solar power technology and installation options. 

If you are interested in claiming the benefits of solar power for your home and family but unsure of your next step, this information may offer the clarity you need. 

Panels or shingles

One of the first things to think about when considering the addition of solar power to your home is whether you should go with traditional solar panels or the new solar roofing shingles.

One of the main benefits of using roofing shingles over panels is that they have less bulk and are more cosmetically pleasing once installed, unlike separate panels that are attached to an existing roof and often appear to protrude.

For homeowners who are already planning to install a new roof, the option to use solar roofing shingles instead of traditional ones may also be very cost-effective. 

Sunlight exposure

Unlike solar panels that can strategically positioned or adjusted to take maximum advantage of available sunshine, solar shingles are installed in a fixed position that cannot be adjusted. If the existing roof of the home does not offer enough exposure to sunlight, the solar shingles may not create the amount of electricity they were designed to provide. 


Homeowners are sometimes surprised to learn that both solar panels and solar shingles can be removed and reinstalled on another home in the event of a relocation. However, an increasing number of homebuyers are actively searching for energy-efficient features and may be willing to pay an upgraded price to purchase the home with an intact solar power array. In fact, according to the United States Department of Energy (DOE), recent studies show that homes equipped with solar power are selling at premium prices in some areas of the country. 

The selection and installation of solar panel roofing options can be complicated, especially if modifications to your current roof will be necessary. To learn more about equipping your home with safe, renewable solar energy and the many benefits your family could enjoy from doing so, make an appointment soon to discuss your situation with a solar panel installation service in your area.